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HERBS OF KEDEM Sephorris (Nail fungus) 10 ml



SEPHORRIS is a mixture of essential oils and herbal extracts mix, cultivated in the Judean desert located near the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. It stops the growth of various fungi, yeasts and molds. It will also stop the nail's degradation. The treatment can last from three months to one year. After about one week of application (morning and evening), you will notice a darkening of the nail to a Brown or Gray color. This is an indication that the solution has successfully penetrated the nail and your treatment is well under way. Upon completion of the treatment, the nail will return to its natural color. Sephorris is highly anti-bacterial and offers a success rate higher than 95%. Best product for nail fungus, Herbal nail fungus treatment, Israeli herbal nail fungus remedy, Judea Desert, product from Judea Desert herbs, alternative nail fungus remedy, Herbs of Kedem, Fungus treatment, all natural nail fungus remedy, oil for nail fungus treatment, Oil for treatment of fungi inside nail, fungi treatment, effective nail fungus treatment Varnish made-up of essential oils of tea tree, oregano and cinnamon. Blocks the proliferation of micro-organisms responsible of thickness and yellowing of the nail. DIRECTIONS Apply a fine coat directly to the infected nail with brush provided. Apply twice a day - morning and evening. For infections that are more than three years old, a prolonged treatment may be necessary, often up to 12 months or more in severe cases. In such cases, it is crucial to follow through with your treatment - the darkening of the nail to a Grey, Brown, or Black color is an indication that the treatment has started to act on the fungus. For very thick nails, it is advised to soak in warm water and file them down before starting your treatment program.

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