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GENUINE HEALTH Activfuel+ (Blackraspberry Lemonade - 439 Gr)



plant-based activfuel+ targets the pre and during stage requirements of your workout - providing all of the building blocks and nutrients you need to maximize your performance?: . BUILD & PREPARE - with pea and potato protein isolate and BCAAs . FUEL - with carbs from organic agave, brown rice sweetener and organic beets . SPEED & STRENGTH - with taurine and kola nut . REHYDRATE & REPLENISH - with electrolytes and coconut water . GO THE DISTANCE - with creatine, rhodiola, vitamin B1, magnesium and Appleboost® organic apple peel One product to support your whole workout Before Increases energy, improves performance, stamina and relieves fatigue Decreases physical stress and damage to the body Improves endurance and recovery time During Stay hydrated Maintains stamina and endurance Provides clean, natural energy right to the finish line Targeted Dosing No one athlete is alike - plant-based activfuel+ lets you tailor your dosage to your body type and your activity, ensuring proper nutrition and maximum results Great tasting and all natural

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